Youth sports franchise Sportball has been accelerating expansion across North America, recently selling new territories in major markets like Boston and Phoenix. The Canadia/US -based company, which provides engaging sports instruction programs for children, now has over 900 locations open or in development nationwide.  Each franchise location provides multiple sport classes to children ages two to nine years old; these classes are fun and engaging.  Teaching sports in a fun and creative way is our secret sauce to success.   

Sportball has doubled in size in just the last 3 years alone. This rapid growth is a testament to the compelling franchise opportunity the brand has built based on a proven business model. The first two franchises awarded were both to empire builders, meaning they have several locations.  Matt Pearce who just purchased an area of Boston, also owns multiple locations in the province of Quebec.  Jothan and Amanda Richie who just purchased an area of Phoenix also own two areas of Los Angeles California.  Amanda was recently quoted as saying that she could have never been as present for her two children if she had continued working her corporate job.  Her husband, Johnathan, is a veteran and has a huge passion for coaching and working with children.  Sportball was a natural fit for their family when he finished is military service to join Sportball as a coach and then subsequently bought into the franchise system.  Due to the low point of entry this system was a natural fit for both of our empire franchise in the United States.   

In May Sportball added two franchises partners in Tina Cannon and J.R. Gracia, who will be taking over the Katy, Texas territory.  These two superstars were area managers in the Austin location and have been coaching for over 20 years.  Then in June of 2024, Darren and Cora Pike purchased the Newfoundland, Canada area.  We are excited to be on the journey with both new partners! 

Founded in 1995, Sportball offers a unique approach to youth athletics focusing on creativity, inclusiveness and fun. Their programs keep kids engaged through proprietary sports curricula developed by child development and coaching experts. Sessions focus on building skills progressively while also teaching teamwork and sportsmanship.  

This differentiated approach has allowed Sportball to stand out in the crowded youth sports industry. It has enabled the brand to establish unmatched trust and satisfaction among parents while also appealing to kids. 

Sportball’s Growth Trajectory

Sportball’s growth trajectory has many other franchise brands taking notice. Their continued expansion in 2023 includes plans to extend their footprint in existing markets while breaking into new regions.  While growing across North America the brand will specifically target Texas in the 2024 expansion. 

Recent sales of territories in major metropolitan areas like Boston and Phoenix demonstrate the brand’s broadening reach and national emergence. The company also aims to accelerate openings in its home state of Texas. This includes deals in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonino, and Houston.

According to CEO, “Texas is a key growth market for us. We’ve been based here since 2005 with Austin being our US headquaters. Our values and approach resonates in the state.” He adds, “We’re actively seeking partners in Fort Worth, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and more.”

Nationwide, Sportball is on track to open six new locations this year. The brand is backed by a proven franchise system with immense corporate support and prime protected territories available. Multi-unit franchisees are flocking to the opportunity. 

Why Franchisees Choose Sportball

There are many factors driving Sportball’s attractiveness and fueling their accelerating growth. A few key advantages include: 

  • Established Brand – Sportball has over 25 years of heritage. Their widespread name recognition provides an advantage in any market a franchisee enters.  
  • Recurring Revenue Model – With enrollment-based programs, Sportball generates steady, recurring revenue streams. This provides financial stability franchisees can count on. 
  • Full Support – Sportball offers complete training and support from a team with decades of franchise experience. Franchisees are set up for success from day one.  
  • Unit Economics – Between the revenue model and corporate support, Sportball locations have strong profit potential. The system is designed for success. 
  • Prime Territories – Many top DMAs still have territories available to claim. With protected territories, franchisees can rest assured they won’t face encroachment.  

Passion for Youth Development

While the financial opportunity is compelling, many Sportball franchisees are also drawn to positively impacting children and communities. They appreciate that kids develop confidence and social skills through the programs while staying active and having fun.

Recent multi-unit deals demonstrate sophisticated investors recognize Sportball is more than a profitable business endeavor – it aligns with their values too. For empire franchisee Matt Pearce, opening two more locations in Boston allows him to make an even bigger difference in the lives of local youth.

For Sportball, this purpose-driven ethos has been central since the beginning. The company lives up to its mission by helping franchisees bring quality and enjoyment to youth sports locally.

Positioned for Continued Growth

As demand for enriching kid’s activities continues to rebound from pandemic impacts, Sportball is perfectly positioned for further expansion.

The company is actively awarding new territories to qualifying single and multi-unit franchise partners across the US and Canada. Those who want to bring a rewarding youth sports franchise to their community are encouraged to learn more.

With Sportball, franchisees can be part of a brand that is positively impacting children’s lives while enjoying the perks of a system with recession-resistant revenue and the infrastructure to support aggressive nationwide growth. It’s no wonder Sportball is on the fast track to becoming the #1 children’s sports franchise.