Running a successful Sportball franchise requires hard work, dedication, and a passion for sports and working with children. What makes Sportball franchising unique is the opportunity to wear many hats, from running programs on the field or in the gym to acquiring new business, marketing, and training new staff. 

Understanding the Sportball Methodology 

When first starting out, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals of Sportball’s methodology and how it differs from traditional sports programs. Our methodology is grounded in the science of physical literacy and aligns with childhood development standards. Mastering the program’s delivery will set your area up for success. After all, the coaches and the program are what set Sportball apart.  

Essentially, we teach young children how to play sports in a fun and creative way. Our franchise owners are the mentor level coaches who train their staff on how to run the best class/camp/birthday party/special event possible and to do that they must be an excellent coach.  Good thing the system is set up for success and that everyone can continually learn in their abilities though an online training platform.  

Our program is so much fun for the students it keeps them coming back!  When your child is begging to go to Sportball class it’s easy to sign up for the next season.  This is accomplished through dynamic storytelling in class. Our coaches don’t just blow and whistle and tell the kids to dribble a ball, our coaches tell an engaging story about three little bears. Can you imagine fifteen 3-year-olds sitting and listening while you tell a story about how papa bear dribbles to hard, then mama bear dribbles too soft, then up comes kid bear and what does kid bear do…   You get it, at Sportball class we have fun and learn how to play eight different sports.  This all starts with one amazing coach, you, who then teaches everyone else how to be just as amazing with the help on the online training platform.   

Identifying Locations and Diversifying Offerings 

Analyze your market to identify locations where Sportball would thrive. These locations will become the foundation of your organization, ensuring a steady cash flow. Diversify your offerings by providing multi-sport or soccer/tball classes. Collaborate with various venues, such as daycare centers, schools (public and private), recreation centers, churches, parks programs, and municipalities.  

Sportball thrives in a multitude of locations and when starting out you will need to test which one works best in your market at that time.  The more locations you can speak to the better, the more locations you can set up a demonstration class at the best.  Once the decision maker sees Sportball in action they are typically sold.  Our goal is to get new franchises 30 classes within the first 3 months of business.  Talking to the different types of organizations in your area before you even sign the paperwork to get people excited and ready for you will set you up for success.   

Leveraging Marketing Resources and Attracting Talent 

Sportball HQ provides ready-made templates for programs, email marketing, and social media campaigns to help you effectively promote your locations and reach parents. Advertising on Meta and Google can be vital to get your name in the public eye.  Join local parents’ groups in person and online and offer free demonstrations at their events/sites.  Use the ready-made templates to advertise at school and recreation center locations.  These locations can be a gold mine because they have a built-in audience and email list, partnering with these types of locations when first starting out can be very beneficial and less cost prohibitive.  You can partner with these venues to use the audience they already have in place and ask them to send out your flyers. Harnessing the power of email marketing is an effective strategy to continue your relationship with your audience and existing clients.  Share with them about your upcoming seasons/camps/special events.   

Attracting and retaining qualified coaches is essential for your franchise’s success. Our coaches are the face of the brand and need to project a professional, knowledgeable, warm, and engaging persona. Emphasize these attributes during the hiring and training process. Sportball HQ offers an online system that guides new staff from rookie to master coach within months. While on-site training is preferred, these resources are invaluable for your success. 

Effective Communication and Continuous Improvement 

Regular communication with locations, parents, and staff is crucial for business success. Check in on locations to ensure program quality, keep parents informed about weekly activities, and continually strive to enhance the coaching experience. Fortunately, Sportball HQ provides playbooks and templates for all these essential aspects of the business. 

The Rewards of Running a Sportball Franchise 

Ultimately, Sportball is a rewarding business. We get to instill a love of sports in young children through fun and creative methods. If that doesn’t excite you, perhaps accounting is a better fit!